The Caleuche, according to Chilean legend, is a ghost ship that sails the canals of southern Chile and is tripulated by powerful sorcerers. The ship sails at night, and there is always a continuous flow of magic, music, party and wine on board. If someone who is not a witch or sorcerer approaches the ship, they quickly become a floating piece of wood forever.



Der er anvendt 100% Viognier-druer til fremstilling af denne…Læs mere
70 kr.

Private Reserve


CALEUCHE Syrah, også kendt som Shiraz. Den består af…Læs mere
85 kr.


CALEUCHE  har fremstillet denne saftige og udtryksfulde Reserve Merlot…Læs mere
85 kr.


CALEUCHE Reserve Malbec  er ingen undtagelse fra reglen om…Læs mere
85 kr.

Gran Reserve